Sports Medicine

Dedicated athletes know that consistent training results in high performance. When an injury is keeping an athlete sidelined, it’s time for professional help.

We have surgeons who are fellowship trained and board certified in sports medicine orthopedic surgery. So, if you have a condition that’s holding you back, give us a call. We’ll work with you on your personal path to recovery and performance.

Sports Comes with Injury

Every sport involves some risk of injury. Sports medicine deals with the study of exercise and performance, plus the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes. When you’re hurt or sore from doing a sport that you love, our goal is to get you back in the game as safely and as soon as possible.

When possible, we treat sports injuries with non-surgical solutions including physical therapy. For injuries that require surgery, you can count on our expertise. We perform a wide range of orthopedic surgeries – from arthroscopic to complete reconstructive surgeries. Once your surgery is complete, we’ll see you through until you return to play.

Many sports injuries deal with “runner’s knee” with joint pain, torn ligaments or cartilage. The second most common injury is in the shoulder including dislocations or strains. Ankle injuries are extremely common with strains, twisting and tearing ligaments or tendons and even fractures. We also see repetitive motion problems resulting in “tennis or golf elbow” and lower back pain from bulging discs. Achilles tendinitis affects runners and pretty common in our region. We treat all these conditions with the many athletes that view Desert Orthopedics as the experts in sports medicine.

Experts in the Field

Our sports medicine specialists are leaders in the field and the experts in this region. We’re deeply involved in research and education, and have a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. We’re highly skilled at both diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries suffered by athletes of all ages and all walks of life. Many of us are athletes as well, so we usually have first-hand experience of what you’re going through.

It’s no wonder we were selected by the US Ski Team and US Snowboarding to be Official Medical Providers.  And, we’re involved in many Oregon sports associations, competitive performance teams and “fun-runs” as the official medical provider for those local events.

We are proud to provide full-time Athletic Trainers for both Redmond High School and Ridgeview High School, ensuring that the student athletes are well cared for. Our incredible athletic trainers, Cari Wood (RHS) and Jordan Bigam (RVHS) were nationally recognized for “providing the best level of care, injury prevention and treatment, as keeping athletes safe is one of the most important aspects of an athletic trainer’s job”.

Redmond High School was named a recipient of the 2016 National Athletic Trainer’s Association Safe Sports School Award.