Physical Medicine & Rehab

Our team of expert Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists (Physiatrists) work hard every day with patients who suffer from an injury or debilitating condition that causes acute or chronic pain and reduced range in motion. Our goal is to help you feel better. Period.

It’s not easy to suffer from a severe injury or disability that keeps you sidelined. That’s why we’re here. When you have a condition that can be dramatically improved, utilizing non-surgical treatments and rehabilitation, we’re the ones you call.

Non-Surgical Solutions

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) doctors are experts in treating bone, muscle and nerve conditions.

These physicians focus on the whole person with the objective of decreasing pain and enhancing the quality of life by increasing the functional abilities of those with physical impairments. We specialize in non-surgical solutions to relieve pain and increase motion with methods that include medications, physical therapy, injections and collaborating with complementary practitioners such as acupuncturists and chiropractors.

Our Physiatrists will devise a patient-centered treatment plan for rehabilitation and work toward restoring maximum function.

Acute and Chronic Pain

PM&R physicians are uniquely trained to provide expert non-surgical care to individuals requiring ongoing treatment and support for chronic and disabling orthopedic conditions such as musculoskeletal pain syndromes, chronic back and neck pain, joint pain and pain resulting from nerve injury and conditions.

We like to educate our patients regarding their condition, which provides a better understanding of the reason for the pain and, therefore, allows patients to make the best options for treatment and recovery. If you are experiencing ongoing pain and reduced joint motion, give us a call. We will conduct a thorough examination, offer a diagnosis and present a personalized treatment plan with options that suit your lifestyle and get you back to the life you love.