Orthopedic Trauma

Aaron Askew, MD is the region’s leading trauma surgeons, with extensive training and experience repairing orthopedic injuries caused by a traumatic event. Throughout the recovery process, Dr. Askew provides his patients with hope as they help them to reduce pain, regain strength and increase mobility with the shared goal of returning them to full function.


Orthopedic trauma is an unexpected occurrence and often involves a circumstance requiring immediate assessment and treatment of the injuries. Dr. Askew is highly skilled to assess the damage caused following such a traumatic accident. They ensure appropriate action is taken to begin immediate repair of the injury, thereby maximizing a successful outcome for the patient’s rehabilitation.

Recovery and Healing

Dr. Askew works with our entire team of orthopedic specialists to provide expert care for patients who are recovering from traumatic orthopedic injury. Due to the often complex nature of traumatic orthopedic injuries, patients often require ongoing medical treatment for an extended period of time. When beneficial, Dr. Askew will refer his patients to one of our orthopedic team members who specialize in non-surgical treatments that can aide in their healing process. This cooperative approach, provides our patients with peace of mind, knowing they are receiving comprehensive and well-coordinated care throughout their recovery process.